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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Introduction

Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) is a widely utilised therapeutic approach with strong evidence for its treatment effectiveness in a range of commonly seen clinical problems such as anxiety and depression. This workshop will introduce you to theoretical concepts underlying the CBT approach and basic techniques and intervention strategies, providing useful knowledge and skills which can be applied in a range of casework and mental health contexts. You will explore how common... [More]
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Introduction

<p>{image name:“AASW CPD Endorsed Logo” align:“right” width:“100” height:“100”}<br/>{image name:“ACA-recognised” align:“right” width:“100” height:“100”}</p><p>Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) is a


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Being Here: Mindful Approaches in the Work with Children and Young People who have been Abused

This course will introduce participants to the paradigm of mindfulness as studied from Eastern and Western cultural and spiritual practices such as Celtic mysticism, Christian contemplative, and Buddhism. The process of this exploration is to approach each idea with openness rather than factual certainty and allow the participants to be inquisitive about mindfulness' place in the trauma field. In this course participants will be introduced to the four essential elements: body and... [More]

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an evidenced-based form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Unlike other models of psychotherapy, ACT does not target symptom reduction, but aims to maximise a person’s potential to create a meaningful and full life by using processes such as mindfulness, acceptance and value-driven action. At this workshop you will learn: The six core principles of ACT and how to use them clinically Case conceptualisation skills from an ACT perspective Tools... [More]

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Attachment Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Attachment based therapy for children and adolescents focuses on an in-depth understanding of attachment theory, why it is effective and how it has become the center of family therapy. With the increase in working hours and screen based stimulation, we have also seen a rise in young people being medicalised and medicated. This course aims to repeal the shift toward young people being prematurely labeled, and first take another look at family based interventions, with proven... [More]

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Art Therapy for Adults (formerly Introduction to Art Therapy)

This one day workshop introduces you the therapeutic uses of art in individual and group counselling. The stages of setting up, facilitating and processing art therapy exercises will be explored in a way that maintains respect and safety for clients and group members. Ideas and activities for both non-directed and more structured and directed art therapy work will be considered. This workshop provides practical, useful and interactive opportunities to expand your practice and... [More]

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Psychological First Aid – a Crisis Intervention Model

Psychological First Aid is an evidence informed, modular approach for assisting people in the immediate aftermath of incidents and disasters to reduce initial distress and to foster short and long-term adaptive functioning. It is basic, non-intrusive pragmatic care with a focus on: listening but not forcing talk; assessing needs and ensuring that basic needs are met; encouraging but not forcing company from significant others; and protecting from further harm. First ‘do no harm’ is... [More]

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Suicidal Clients - When (and How) to Press the Panic Button

You don’t need to be afraid of working with suicidal clients. Helping suicidal clients is important work and as helping professionals we have a duty of care to assess and intervene effectively when our clients are suicidal. This course will provide everything you need to be able to properly assess risk, choose and implement the most appropriate interventions for managing suicidal risk of harm. Participants will also debunk common myths about suicide and learn how to have... [More]

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How Good is your Therapeutic Effectiveness? Strategies for Optimizing Outcomes within a Range of Current Approaches

How good is your therapeutic effectiveness? We know that not one type of therapy stands out (Muhlhauser 2016) in terms of overall effectiveness, however, individual counsellors clearly do. Within given approaches, research shows very significant variation between individual counsellors. The evidence suggests that the abilities of individual counsellors/therapists may be a more significant factor in determining outcome than therapeutic orientation. Research based on Hubble et al... [More]

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Art and Play Therapy with Children

This one day workshop provides a practical introduction to counselling children using art and play therapy. As toys are children’s words and play is their language, play therapy optimises children’s self-expression and safety in counselling. Learn what play therapy involves and how to maximise success in engagement with and change for children using this method. Case presentations are based on the presenter’s 20 years' of experience with children. Consideration is given to the... [More]

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