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Trauma and Addictions

This course aims to explore the nature of the relationship between trauma (especially childhood trauma) and addiction. The hypothesis that addictions are a functional escape from pain (Durand, 1986) will be explored. People in active addiction will often continue to move from crisis to crisis. And paradoxically the tendency towards further addictive behaviour as a response to crisis will be explored. The counsellor is well placed to reflect the contextual stressors that client’s... [More]
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Trauma and Addictions

<p>{image name:“AASW CPD Endorsed Logo” align:“right” width:“100” height:“100”}<br/>{image name:“ACA-recognised” align:“right” width:“100” height:“100”}</p><p>This course aims to explore the nature of


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Let’s Talk About Gambling

Problems related to gambling can present in a range of guises such as financial, legal, relationship, housing, drug and alcohol, child protection and mental health concerns. Therefore, it is likely that professionals working in a range of settings other than the gambling specific context will encounter people with gambling related problems. Raising and addressing the issue of gambling within non-specialist settings can pose a challenge for professionals. However, the opportunity to... [More]

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Unravelling Poly Addictions – Addressing Substance Dependency and Behavioural Addictions

The impact of stimulating the reward systems of the brain is evident across the full range of addictive behaviour. Biochemically methamphetamine closely resembles dopamine. Chasing the highs and euphoria of addictive substances or addictive behaviour leads to temporary satiation of the reward systems. For the psychology of the user at these times ‘all is right with the world’. Yet all is not right. The feeling of satiation is temporary and distant from the reality of active... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.