Connecting Well During Challenging Phone and Online Communication

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Much has changed over the last years in managing online and telephone communication with everchanging technology and the challenges of COVID 19. Face to face communication is often not an expected option and we are challenged to mange difficult conversations online and on the phone. This course will help you identify the key communication challenges in your work and how to address these. The pros and cons of different communication options will be explored with focusing on the needs of our clients. This one-day course will provide an overview and an opportunity to practice and prepare for difficult calls/online communication. Areas that will be covered include being clear in communicating your role; being able to manage your own feelings in difficult circumstances and being aware on how and when to refer the caller within your organisation or outside. Detailed strategies for managing different types of difficult calls will be described including callers who are: angry and abusive; distressed and bewildered; those who do not understand; and the rambler. Participants will be given detailed guidelines on how to structure a conversation so that the call is as productive as possible for the client. This course will help you sense client’s cues for help and address cross cultural communication challenges. Beaté Steller is an experienced telephone counsellor trainer and works on a regular basis with families and older people to help them have meaningful telephone and online conversations. She has published a book called: Tech-connect –Staying Meaningfully Connected in Aged Care (2017) which she has been heavily drawing on during the COVID lock down in aged care. The book provides readers with a guide and many stories of how to support meaningful connections, using person centred care alongside social media and other communications technology. This course will enable you to connect better to your clients, either online or via telephone.

Participants in this course will: • Develop strategies for managing their own feelings in difficult circumstances • Be able to identify the five stages of a conversation and general strategies for improving phone and online conversation skills • Be able to use language effectively in ways that does not create resistance • Enhance their skills in empathising with others and be clear about when it is not helpful to empathise • Be able to set limits in situations where callers may be abusive or disrespectful • Be able to apply a simple structure for a conversation that is effective in responding to many types of difficult calls

Who should attend? Anyone who may have to manage difficult telephone calls.