To simplify registration for CCWT courses, CorporatePass provides a way for your staff to enrol in CCWT courses online without having to pay up front, as well as a way for you to track these registrations.

When a staff member registers for a course a single designated person in your organisation is automatically sent an invoice, ensuring a simple, easy and consistent way to administer the process of payment.

We provide you with a CorporatePass code that the student uses when they register for a class or range of classes, allowing them to bypass upfront payment. They simply enrol, then select the CorporatePass option and put in the unique code we have provided for your organisation or department.

In addition to this ease of use, by selecting the CorporatePass option all CCWT courses that your staff book will also attract a daily discount (excludes courses in Step by Step Training and Assessment Tools Stream).

To organise CorporatePass availability for your organisation, please send your completed CorporatePass form by email to