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Parenting Advice: 50 Solutions for 50 Parenting Problems

Many people working with families find themselves called on to give advice on a whole range of issues: How do I get my baby to sleep? What should I do when my toddler throws a tantrum? How do I get my pre-schooler to eat nutritious food? What should I do when my child talks back? How should I respond when my children fight....and on and on....! This can be anxiety-provoking for professionals, who often feel unsure about the best way to guide and support parents. This one day... [More]

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From Birth Onwards – Caring for Babies in the Early Months

Sometimes workers and those caring for new babies, whether biological parents or carers have very little experience of this new, important job. This course covers the practical aspects of caring for a new baby, including feeding, settling and sleeping and what to expect in the early months. It will also look at the process of babies forming attachments and how to support parents and carers to understand babies' communication in those early months. There will also be information on... [More]

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Walking with Clients through Pregnancy and Birth

For workers with little experience or training in pregnancy and birth there are benefits to learning about this important time in working with a woman and her partner (if involved). There are antenatal classes in hospitals and some midwives provide excellent education for women, however sometimes there are barriers to accessing classes, (financial, feeling they don’t fit in with others in the class because of their situation, etc.) Visits with midwives and doctors are usually only... [More]

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Facilitating Parenting Groups

Do you facilitate parenting groups? Parenting groups can provide very effective support and learning opportunities for parents. Parenting groups can support parents to explore issues, review their assumptions, develop new ways of thinking and learn more pro-active ways to address parenting issues through bringing together professional and peer input. In this practical workshop, you will learn key skills to establish and facilitate effective parenting groups. Learn how to create an... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.