Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Part B

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Actioning the DBT principles. The second part of Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; Part B adds to the core principles taught in Part A. Part B provides instruction and practice in the tools utilised within DBT including: diary card, chain analysis and contingency management. Participants will learn the skills required for the different modes of skills training, coaching, therapist consultation and case management. In addition Part B will provide an overview of the distress tolerance skills and the dialectics of risk management.

Together with Part A, Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Part B, provides an overview of the skills strategies and theory essential for providing DBT treatment. Role plays and take home practice exercises provide practical experience in the skills and challenges of the DBT approach.

In order to participate in this workshop participants must have completed Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy-Part A.

The objective of Intro to DBT-Part B is for participants to:

  • Develop an understanding of the change strategies utilised within DBT
  • Identify the different modes within DBT, their functions and the skills utilised within each
  • Develop the range of skills they have to manage clients and their own distress
  • Extend understanding of the application of the DBT principles learned within Introduction to DBT-Part A

Who should attend?

Individuals, counsellors, health care practitioners who have completed Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Part A

Please note this course is 4 days in total Part A and Part B – you can attend Part A only but to attend Part B you must complete Part A first.

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