Working with Young People who Self Restore

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This workshop takes a whole of family approach to promoting safety, stability and permanency for young people self-restoring to unprepared families. This highly interactive workshop invites participants to assess the needs and strengths and safety plan with a young person, their family and network, using own case examples. It is delivered in two stages.

Stage 1 – 3 hour workshop delivered online


  • Overview of research and evidence about young people self-restoring from care, including outcomes
  • Voices of young people – what they need, want and best hopes for in the self-restoration process
  • Assessing the needs and pressure points for parents and families to transition from unprepared to prepared families for enduring restoration success
  • Safety planning with families and with young people

Practice activities incorporated intensively throughout the one-day program, focussing on:

  • Map the needs, want and best hopes of a young person in the process of self-restoring
  • Assessing and reducing the pressure points within a family to promote permanency at home
  • Develop safety plans for the family and for the young person
  • Knowledge Translation Sheet for ‘homework’ with supervisor

Stage 2 – 2 hour group coaching session delivered online

One x two hour coaching session is held at 3 or 4 week intervals after the Introductory workshop to bring practitioners and supervisors together to debrief practice experiences, share learning, solution finding for ‘wicked little problems’, and offering further practice opportunities.

Content coaching session 1:

  • Debrief Knowledge Translation Sheet for ‘homework’ undertaken with supervisor
  • Review mapping efforts with a young person
  • Review casework and case planning efforts to develop safety networks and safety plans