Professional Supervision: How and Why?

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When it works well, supervision is a key resource for the professional development of the staff member and for client outcomes. Supervision can be the most important way that people develop practical expertise for their job. However studies suggest that supervision often takes only a ‘quick fix’ approach.

This workshop is based on a framework for professional supervision that acknowledges four different functions of supervision: administration, support, development and mediation. We will look at ways to establish effective supervision and negotiate expectations with staff. You will have the opportunity to build upon your supervision skills in facilitating effective reflection, to respond to people’s different stages of professional development, and to adapt to different learning styles.

The workshop provides a framework so that people who have a supervisory role can plan, establish and conduct effective supervision.

The topics in this workshop include:

  • Potential outcomes of supervision
  • Different models for supervision
  • Four functions of professional supervision
  • Reviewing agency expectations and policies
  • Negotiating expectations with staff
  • Supervision agreements and recording
  • Approaches and resources for supervision
  • Supportive aspects of supervision
  • Using solution-focused questions
  • Facilitating reflective practice
  • Adapting our approach for different learning styles
  • Strategies at different stages of professional development
  • Raising issues and providing challenging feedback

Who should attend?

Managers, service coordinators, team leaders, experienced practitioners