Power of Addictions

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This workshop explores the relationship people have with AOD, how influential AOD can be and the dynamics when people choose to abstain from AOD.  Drugs will be defined along with the patterns of drug use, how they are classified.  The contributing factors which lead people to use AOD along with the environmental, biological, psychological, legal, financial influences of drug use.  The impact of AOD use will be explored including the impact on indirect victims (eg. family members and society).  

This workshop explores the socio-aspects of AOD use, using a narrative therapy approach, it provides participants with a different perspective on working with people who use drugs as well as supporting those affected by AOD use (indirect victims).

This workshop is for those who want to explore the power of addictions (mainly AOD) and have wondered:

  • How can a parent prioritise a drug over parenting their child or steal from a loved one to support an addiction?
  • How these behaviours are in conflict with your client's underpinning value system, yet they continue to do them?
  • How might clients prioritise their addictions over what they value most such as family, children or employment?

Who should attend?