Managing Challenging Behaviours

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Increase your skills and confidence in managing difficult client behaviours. The underlying issues that often contribute to people behaving in ways that others find difficult will be identified, discussed and explored. Useful strategies for managing difficult behaviours in a collaborative and constructive way will also be covered.

Participants will also have the opportunity to identify their own personal triggers, discuss behaviours that they find particularly challenging and explore ways that they can respond to these more constructively. There will be regular opportunities to practice specific skills that will be built on as the day progresses.

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Identify difficult behaviours
  • Describe and explore some typical issues that contribute to people behaving in ways that are difficult
  • Explore the reasons why these behaviours are personally challenging
  • Develop skills and techniques to manage personal triggers and responses more effectively
  • Demonstrate an awareness of basic workplace responsibilities such as WHS and anti-discrimination obligations
  • Understand the power imbalance within a worker/client relationship and develop strategies to promote cooperative power sharing
  • Demonstrate some effective strategies for managing difficult behaviours
  • Use de-escalation techniques
  • Explore stress and self care

Who should attend?

Workers who are managing challenging behaviours of clients and co-workers