Navigating Professional and Personal Boundaries in Community Services

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Healthy professional and personal boundaries are essential to ensure that you and your clients are safe and respected. However, in the current community services environment with many demands, professional boundaries can be blurred. Come and join us to explore physical, mental and emotional personal boundaries. You will also learn about people who don’t like hearing ‘no’ and try to manipulate you to say ‘yes’. When exploring boundaries in the workplace, you will look at clear boundaries, boundary crossings and boundary violations. When exploring boundary crossings and boundary violations, we will discuss warning signs and preventative measures to keep you and your clients safe.

In addition, in a world of dominating social media, our social and personal lives can be blended with your professional identity. In this new world it can be challenging to protect your professional reputation and it is essential to be mindful of protecting your personal and social lives.

Personal and professional boundaries affect our wellbeing. Come along and experience an opportunity to improve your relationships in your life and improve your wellbeing.

In this workshop you will:

  • Acknowledge and recognise your own professional and personal boundary limits
  • Recognise boundary issues in your own professional and personal life
  • Develop strategies to response to your own boundary issues
  • Gain awareness of the importance of your professional identities and reputation
  • Explore ethical issues arising from multiple relationships you may have with clients
  • Explore the effects of gossip

Who should attend?

All workers who are in direct contact with clients including psychologists, social workers, case workers and counsellors