Foster Care Assessment Skills (Step by Step) PRE-REQUISITE

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Foster Care Assessment Skills (Step by Step) PRE-REQUISITE

<p>{image name:“AASW CPD Endorsed Logo” align:“right” width:“100” height:“100”}</p><p>Quality provision of Out of Home care starts with quality foster care placements for children, and these start

Self paced
Approximately 28 hours
2021-01-17 2021-01-17
Three-day courses with availability are currently: 24-26th February 2021 and 20th-22nd April 2021

Quality provision of Out of Home care starts with quality foster care placements for children, and these start with quality carer assessments. Making good, evidenced based decisions about carer applicants' suitability means fewer placement breakdowns for children who have already experienced enough trauma in their lives.

Successful completion of this two-part course allows use of Step by Step assessment tools for foster care, relative/kinship care, carer review and Guardianship. The total cost for this two-part course is $1,240.

Enrolment in (only) this Pre-requisite course costs $290.

Part 1: PRE-REQUISITE $290:

On enrolling in this pre-requisite course, you will be emailed your log-in details to complete a self-paced distance-learning course entitled IMPLEMENTING TRAUMA INFORMED PRACTICE IN OUT OF HOME CARE.

In order to be able to assess if a carer applicant has the capacity to provide the trauma informed care that children in Out of Home care need, assessors must be able to understand and confidently describe developmental trauma and reparative parenting.

The assessment tasks for this course must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the three-day course date to allow for marking and any resubmissions. Once they have been successfully completed participants will be invited to enrol into Part 2: THREE DAY COURSE.

Part 2: THREE-DAY COURSE $950:

The three-day course teaches how to use the Step by Step Carer Assessment Tools and provides an overview of the relevant legislation and agency obligations in relation to the Carers Register. It explores the personality traits and skills that research indicates good carers require and how to assess if carer applicants possess these. It introduces interview skills and provides opportunities to practice these. Guidance is provided on how to ensure assessments are not biased and how to record and analyse the information gathered. There are opportunities to practice recording and analysing information, and participants receive personalised feedback.

Participants receive the Foster Care Manual for Assessors free of charge (valued at $100).


On completion of Parts 1 and 2 of this course, participants will have all the knowledge, skills and resources to complete carer assessments. To receive Step by Step Registration after the course, participants must complete and submit a good quality REAL LIFE carer assessment for review by the Step by Step panel. Review of this report is included in the course cost.

For any other information about this course please contact Louise Mulroney at or Jo Roach at

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand relevant legislation and agency obligations of Carers Register
  • Understand personality traits and skills of good carers and how to assess for these
  • How to prepare for an assessment, including considering safe working practices
  • How to undertake a carer assessment using the Step by Step tools based on a task-centred competency approach combined with strengths drawn from the psychodynamic approach focusing on process and relationships
  • Develop/improve interview skills
  • Analyse and interpret information gathered in the assessment process
  • Understand how reflective practice improves practice
  • Understand how to use information from background checks and third parties
  • How to write up an assessment using the Step by Step tools being mindful of carer applicants' confidential information

Who should attend?

Foster carer assessors

Please note: This course is not eligible for any MEMBERSHIP or CORPORATE PASS discount, and is only available via credit card payment.