Loss and Grief Work: Practice Essentials

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Working with loss, grief and change is an essential part of client work when supporting clients through challenging times. Grief support can be provided by most people who have had some basic loss and grief support training. This two-day training course will provide you with these essential skills and help you understand the importance of doing active grief work. You will be able to differentiate between the range of general loss experiences humans have to face in their lifetime to traumatic, complex grief. Complex grief requires specialised support and will not be addressed in this course.

Regardless if the focus of your role is on safe housing, employment support or children, young people and family support (just to name a few areas of specializations) being able to apply some of the practical loss and grief skills will be foundational in the work you do.

We now know that ‘Grief has no rules’ and much has changed over the decades in our understanding what is helpful to people who are grieving. This workshop will provide you with a general understanding and skills involved in supporting people through loss, grief, and bereavement. Multiple types of losses will be discussed such as the physical, social, psychological, spiritual and community losses. Supporting bereaved people and their needs, both in the early days and in the long term of their grief process will be explored. This course will help you understand the variety of cultural and spiritual differences in loss and introduce you to rituals that help people work through their loss and grief. Letting go rituals and creative process will be discussed and presented to help during transition processes in life. We will have a conversation about what to say when we are stuck for words when talking about loss and practise communicating with someone who is grieving in a more authentic and helpful way. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify clients who are at risk and provide appropriate referral sources. You will also be encouraged to look at your own issues around loss and the need for self-nurturing and supervision when working with the bereaved.

This course will help you to: • Engage empathically with people who are living with loss • Identify effects and impact of loss and features of grief • Recognise the disfranchised and hidden losses our clients might be experiencing • Learn and practice how to listen and what to say to someone who is grieving • Explore rituals and creative process that help clients work through their grief • Recognise significant milestones on the grief journey • Provide support for individuals who are grieving and identify potential for healing and growth • Identify, inform and refer to appropriate grief and bereavement care services and resources • Identify appropriate self care resources and how to access appropriate supervision and debriefing

Who should attend? Anyone who is working with people experiencing loss and grief