Clinical Supervision: Models and Methods

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Engaging in a supervisory, support, peer, mentoring, consulting or overseeing role with others reflects one’s knowledge, experience and position.

These roles are both rewarding and challenging. Rewards come in the form of being able to directly assist others in achieving their goals and overcoming their challenges. Challenges come in the form of knowledge base, ethical and practice dilemmas. Supporting and growing the competence of workers who engage in direct client service roles ensures both best outcomes for clients and the development, retention and advancement of staff.

This training covers many of the major models and methods of supervision. Participants will take practical knowledge and skills away and feel empowered to engage with confidence in their supervisory support of others.

Participants will learn about:

  • Draw and reflect on one’s knowledge and experience in order to assist others in similar roles
  • Support the development and success of supervisee work outcomes
  • Understand the fiduciary nature of professional practice
  • Differentiate line management supervision from clinical supervision
  • Explore the cross-cultural considerations in effective supervision
  • Understand and implement the formative, normative and restorative dimension of supervision
  • Reflect on professional identity and accountabilities
  • Appreciate the attitude, skills and knowledge in offering group based and individual supervision
  • Understand the ethical and best practice standards, and the processes of ethical decision making
  • Understand workplace protocols for appropriate feedback complaint, or grievance
  • Support others in their understanding and incorporation of professional identity and professional standards

Who should attend?

Counsellors, therapists, case-workers, supervisors, managers and people with practice experience, who offer some form of clinical peer, mentoring, supervisory, advisory, consulting or management service as part of their role.