Using Narrative Therapy to Respond to Domestic and Family Violence

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Family violence occurs across all cultural groups and classes. This workshop will support workers to build a best practice framework when responding to the impact of violence. It draws on the theory and practices of Narrative Therapy to support clients to tell their stories in strengthening rather than retraumatising ways. It also offers workers ideas and practices to sustain themselves when hearing stories of abuse and injustice, by staying connected to their hopes and values, and building support networks.

This workshop is relevant to those working with adults and children. The particular needs of members of the LGBTIQ community will also be explored.

Theoretical input will be supported through examples from the work of the presenter, focusing on the context of working with issues of violence. There will be opportunities for participants to try out these ideas in experiential exercises.

Participants will leave with new ideas, and a sense of hope and possibility. A reconnection to ethics and values will flow on to a clearer focus in the workplace, and a renewed energy for this challenging work.

Participants will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the impact of violence on adults and children
  • Become more confident in having conversations addressing issues of violence
  • Be more aware of particular concerns of the LGBTIQ community, and of referral pathways
  • Examine and begin to deconstruct some dominant ideas in society which may impact people’s identity and get in the way of accessing support
  • Be introduced to ways of planning and preparing for change when supporting people leaving violent relationships
  • Be introduced to some ideas on engaging perpetrators of violence to 'take responsibility'
  • Consider ways workers can be sustained when responding to issues of violence and injustice

Who should attend?

Workers providing support to people who have experienced domestic and family violence

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