Managing Difficult Calls

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This course is for any workers who may have to respond to difficult calls. It will begin with an overview of how to prepare for difficult calls for example; being clear about your role; being able to manage your own feelings in difficult circumstances and being aware of how and when to refer the caller within your organisation or outside. Detailed strategies for managing different types of difficult calls will be described including callers who are: angry and abusive; distressed and bewildered; those who do not understand; and the rambler. Participants will be given detailed guidelines on how to structure a conversation so that the call is as productive as possible for the client.

Participants in this course will:

  • Have developed strategies for managing their own feelings in difficult circumstances
  • Be able to use language effectively in ways that does not create resistance
  • Have enhanced their skills in empathising with others and be clear about when it is not helpful to empathise
  • Be able to set limits in situations where callers may be abusive or disrespectful
  • Be able to apply a simple structure for a conversation that is effective in responding to many types of difficult calls

Who should attend?

Anyone who may have to manage difficult telephone calls