SSTF Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are available at no cost to organisations that are eligible to receive services from the Social Sector Transformation Fund. If your organisation is not on the approved list, you will need to provide your latest Annual Report to show that you are a non-profit organisation, delivering community or health services in NSW, and with an annual turnover of less than $5million.

Prior to completing this application form, please read the information on the coaches who are providing these sessions on the ACWA website at During the completion of the form, you will be asked to identify your 3 preferred coaches. You will also be asked to identify a specfic work area or issue that you would like to address through coaching.

Coaching can be provided to individuals or to groups of up to 4 people. These 4 people may be from other eligible organisations as well as your own.

Completion of this form does not confirm that you will receive the coaching services that you have requested. Applications will be considered in groups as funding is released. Your level of need, and your participation in other SSTF funded opportunities will be considered when allocating funding.