Concurrent Planning for Permanency for Children: implications for preservation and restoration practice

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This is the foundation course that lays out the principles and practices of concurrent planning for permanency for children in care. This highly interactive workshop addresses nine core stages of ethical concurrent practice with families undergoing the restoration process. The material is delivered as a 1 day workshop followed 3 - 4 weeks later with a 2 hour group coaching session. The coaching session brings practitioners and supervisors together to debrief practice experiences, share learning, solution finding for ‘wicked little problems’ and offer further practice opportunities

Workshop content: o Concurrent planning – definition and ethical practice principles o Process of concurrent planning – unpacking the nine elements of the process o Developing casework strategies to support the nine elements of concurrent planning o Application of the process to a family

Practice activities incorporated intensively throughout the one-day program, focussing on: o Solution finding to ethical challenges in concurrent planning o Unpacking nine elements of concurrent planning using a family case study o Developing concurrent plans for a family undergoing restoration process o Knowledge Translation Sheet for ‘homework’ with supervisor

Coaching session content: o Debrief Knowledge Translation Sheet for ‘homework’ undertaken with supervisor o Review concurrent planning implementation efforts within each agency and celebrate successes o Think tank solutions to “wicked little problems” interrupting implementation efforts o Deepening skills - practicing concurrent planning with a family