SDM, SARA and Immediate Safety Planning and Longer Term Case Planning for Preservation and Restoration Practice

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This is the foundation course that lays out the principles and practices of SARA assessments and the key features of robust Immediate safety Plans and Longer-term Safety and Support Plans. It is delivered in a 1 day workshop followed by a 2 hour group coaching session to bring practitioners and supervisors together to debrief practice experiences, share learning, solution finding for ‘wicked little problems’ and offering further practice opportunities.

Content: o Introduction to SDM® suite of assessment tools o Overview of the purpose and structure of the Safety Assessment, Risk Assessment and Risk Re-assessment tools o Dive into the tools – unpacking each element of the three tools o Promote fidelity in the use of the tools -understanding the definitions o Develop and document robust Immediate safety Plans to enable a confident “Safe with Plan” outcome o Worry and Goal statements and the Family Action Plan for Change o Develop and document rigorous Long-Term Safety and Support plans to enable confident closure decisions

Practice activities incorporated intensively throughout the one-day program, focussing on: o deepening understanding of the assessment tools o safety planning skills o Knowledge Translation Sheet for ‘homework’ with supervisor

Coaching session content: o Review Safety Assessment and Immediate Safety Planning when there is danger o Review Worry Statements, Non-Negotiables and “What if…?” conversations o Documenting the Immediate Safety Plan o Review Risk Assessment and Risk Re-Assessment and Longer-Term Safety and Support Plans and assessing rigour o Documenting the Family Action Plan for Change