Growing Carer Capacity and Building on Strengths

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There are many new challenges for the OOHC sector in working with carers. The face of the Australian family has changed dramatically over the past 30 years and the face of fostering is reflecting this diversity. You will increasingly be working with single carers, same sex couples and carers working full time as well as carers wanting to become guardians or adoptive parents. Many new carers are highly skilled which raises some serious challenges for us in providing adequate training and support.

More then ever before, we need to be; working with carers to empower them to be the type of carer they want to be, to support their expertise and build on their strengths to develop their learning, development and capacity. This also includes planning and supporting potential guardians and prospective adoptive parents.

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work with carers to; unpack a carers motivation, level of commitment and what type of carer that they would like to be, define their goals achieve better outcomes for children and young people, build stronger relationships with carers and increase their confidence and their capacity in the context of their role.

Be part of the positive process of guided carer development and make a difference to a foster carers experience and achieve successful outcomes for kids in care.

At this workshop you can expect to:

  • Identify carer motivation relative to their current carer role
  • Use a coaching framework to guide carers in decision making and goals
  • Match carer needs to professional development opportunities within their caring context
  • Use tools to engage and build on carer capacity including resilience
  • Develop a shared language with carers to enhance the quality of their care and establish mutual accountability
  • Implement a carer development plan
  • Take away resources to enhance and build on your current practice
  • Determine ongoing support and supervision needs

Who should attend?

Experienced workers conducting assessment and training for new and existing carers as well as workers that have direct contact with carers in a support capacity