Guardianship Application Documentation

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A Guardianship application is more than just doing an assessment of the potential guardian. It is a complex process requiring preparation of documents for court and co-ordination between funded service providers and DCJ personnel. This course will cover all of the key tasks required for a Guardianship application.

The course is in two parts:

Part 1: Distance learning

  • You will be provided with pre-course information and be expected to satisfactorily complete a knowledge quiz about the Guardianship assessment process prior to attending the workshop.
  • It is anticipated that this reading and task will take 3-4 hours.
  • This will ensure that you understand the entire Guardianship application process, who is responsible for each activity, and how to progress to the next step of the process.

Part 2: The workshop

  • This will be a very hands-on workshop. You will be provided with templates during the course to practise preparing draft care plans, draft financial plans and an affidavit to support an application to vary a care order.

How does the material covered in this course relate to the Step by Step Guardianship Assessment Tool 2016?

The templates provided in the course supplement the existing Step by Step Guardianship Assessment Tool which can only be used by registered Step by Step assessors. This workshop provides templates required in the Guardianship process which can be used by all caseworkers, even if they are not Step by Step registered users.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the legal process involved in a Guardianship order
  • Understand the Guardianship application process, including the criteria required to commence the application process
  • Understand who is responsible for each stage of the Guardianship application, including the co-ordination and communication required between Funded Service Providers and DCJ
  • Identify the key documents required in a Guardianship application
  • Identify the key elements of an assessment of a prospective guardian
  • Identify how to apply for the variation to the care order and to prepare an affidavit to support that application
  • Able to prepare a draft care plan that meets the criteria required by DCJ
  • Able to prepare a draft financial care plan that reflects DCJ policy

Who should attend?

All OOHC managers and staff


A knowledge quiz