Managing Teams Remotely

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Services are needing to find effective ways of managing teams when many staff are working from home and/ or in various locations. Physical distancing in the time of COVID 19 is presenting a range of issues for those who are leading and managing teams. For staff who previously relied on very regular, informal communications learning how to stay connected through technology can be a significant change.
We will explore a range of issues that you are finding, including but not limited to issues around accountability, issues in supporting staff, and challenges in sustaining teamwork. In general it has been found that the same management principles apply when managing staff remotely but they need to be applied in more deliberative way, and a proactive approach to communication is required. Processes for accountability, teamwork, and staff support usually need to be redesigned.
In this workshop we will identify issues and explore strategies:
• issues and unanticipated impacts of physical distancing
• key strategies for effectively managing staff remotely
• redesigning approaches for staff support
• rethinking processes for accountability
• using solution focused questions with staff – in supervision and quick on-line chats.