Providing Online Services to Children and Young People: Necessary and Good

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With the arrival of COVID to Australia, many workers had to expediently move their services to an online platform, often with little to no training for practitioners. In this workshop you will develop and expand your ethical and practice framework, allowing you to feel comfortable utilising technology-based interventions with children and young people who have experienced trauma. This informative and creative one day workshop will explore two main issues:

  1. The ethical landscape of providing online services to children and young people.

  2. The most current best practice issues explored in the scholarship on online service delivery.

On the day we gather together to learn with each other and from each other and the most recent evidence explored in the scholarship. You will transverse our own ethical landscape and discover what lies there and how to apply it to online work. Hopefully, you will also make new discoveries for practice as we discuss the literature and practice examples. Everyone will be asked to bring practice issues or ethical dilemmas to share.

The workshop will: • Increase your confidence in providing online service delivery; • Provide strategies around engaging your clients and building trust; • Give you a strong ethical framework for your work.