Difficult Conversations with Resistant Parents

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This three day course is based within a human rights framework that focuses on child protection and respectful engagement of parents who are often classified as involuntary. The course comprises an initial two day program, followed by a third day held six weeks later, to allow for some homework between the two sessions.

The participants will be introduced to a conversational style that utilises both a psychobiological and curiosity approach to engaging parents. Participants will walk away with a framework that provides a clear pathway to engage parents.

The course is an experiential-based workshop and therefore will involve practising the framework for skill attainment. Participants will gain skills in regulation of client’s distress, self-reflection, enhanced engagement skills and specific communication styles that keep parents engaged.

You will be able to:

  • Articulate the key elements of the trauma model in engaging resistant parents
  • Articulate the key elements of the attachment model in engaging resistant parents
  • Outline the key elements of a safety framework in engaging resistant parents
  • Identify the dilemmas and concerns of workers in engaging resistant parents and the implications this may have on practice
  • Identify key elements of an accountability assessment model with resistant parents
  • Identify key elements of respectful engagement of resistant parents
  • Demonstrate the use of conversational styles that encourage respectful engagement of resistant parents

Who should attend?

Professionals working in the child protection, early intervention or family relationship fields