Working with Children and Young People Affected by Family and Domestic Violence

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This is an advanced level workshop that assumes that participants have a foundational knowledge of the dynamics of Family and Domestic Violence, neurobiology of traumatic stress, and the implications of Family and Domestic Violence on the development of attachment security.

Supporting children, young people and their families who have experienced family and domestic violence is complex and requires a sound understanding of traumatic stress, neurobiology and the impacts of living in an environment of fear and coercive control.
Drawing on a range of creative therapies as well as narrative and strength based practice, this course provides a foundation for promoting the well -being of children and young people affected by family and domestic violence.
• Review the potential physical and mental health consequences for children who grow up in homes where there is domestic violence
• Explore the key principles of trauma responsive practice when working with children and young people who are affected family and domestic violence
• Explore and engage in a variety of age appropriate activities to engage children and young people
• Discuss and explore a variety of approaches including narrative, art therapy strategies which may be applied when working with children and young people
• Discuss the development of relationships that foster good mental health and self-worth, including the relationship between the child and their parent

Who should attend?

Anyone who is working directly with children/young people who have experienced domestic violence and have prior knowledge of the dynamics of domestic violence and its impacts on children and young people