Narrative Therapy using the 'Heart and Wall' Tool

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The heart and wall is a metaphor based on the Narrative Therapy ideas of ‘externalising’ the problem. This therapeutic tool is a visual externalisation that allows people to separate from problem saturated views of themselves which are limiting, and to re-connect or connect for the first time, with a view of themselves that gives acknowledgement and hope for the future.

The ‘heart and the wall’ provides an opportunity for the helper to assist the person seeking help to engage in the co-discovery of their strengths and qualities (the heart). They are then encouraged to identify which life experiences have the most negative influence on their view of themselves (the wall). The use of the metaphor guides the conversation, externalising the problem as the discussion takes place. At the same time the alternate story is developed and explored.

This practical workshop gives participants ‘hands on’ experience in using ‘The Heart and Wall’ in individual and couples counselling; group work; in Supervision; as a team building tool and even as a way to develop case plans. Real examples are given from clinical and statutory work with individuals and families. This course will enable you to have meaningful conversations that provide a ‘way forward’.

This course will provide you with:

  • A deeper understanding of the power of externalising conversations
  • The ability to engage clients/supervisees in a conversation that identifies their strengths and qualities and externalises the problem
  • A simple tool to use in your day to day work with clients
  • A way to facilitate meaningful conversations with clients, colleagues, supervisees and stakeholders

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