Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

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This popular course provides a comprehensive introduction to the ‘strengths perspective’ and resilience focus in human services work, and to the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach (SFBT) and its application to a range of counselling settings.

The course presents the theoretical background of the approach and systematic explanation, demonstration and practice of the key skills and tools of SFBT – the main forms of questioning and interventions. Videotapes of real therapy sessions and practical exercises allow participants to explore the use of the approach with a variety of client types, including those seen as ‘unmotivated’ or ‘resistant’, and those dealing with issues relating to trauma and abuse.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the ‘strengths perspective’ (theory and research)
  • Interview about difference — and how it can make a difference
  • Figure out where therapy is headed and how we’ll all know when we get there
  • Distinguish whose goals are what
  • Explore the difference that a future focus makes... the miracle question... constructing a future picture
  • Use tasks and ideas for helping change continue... how to respond to change
  • Set goals with ‘involuntary’ clients — constructing what they want with clients who don’t!
  • Apply to sexual assault, domestic violence, drug and alcohol, depression and suicide, and more

Who should attend?

Workers providing counselling or casework services

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