Attachment Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents

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Attachment based therapy for children and adolescents focuses on an in-depth understanding of attachment theory, why it is effective and how it has become the center of family therapy. With the increase in working hours and screen based stimulation, we have also seen a rise in young people being medicalised and medicated.

This course aims to repeal the shift toward young people being prematurely labeled, and first take another look at family based interventions, with proven efficacy and scientific validity.

With age and lifestage specific interventions, outcomes of this course are practical in nature and feature role playing, videos and current literature helping clinicians and workers alike to understand the benefits of attachment and attunement based interventions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding Attachment and how it functions through the developmental lifespan
  • How to use attachment in a family or parent/child context
  • Attachment based interventions including play therapies and talking therapies
  • Working with children and adolescents within a family context

Who should attend?

Counsellors, psychologists, therapists working with children, young people and families