Building resilience, wellbeing & vicarious trauma for staff

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

The impact of working in an environment that deals with trauma and relies on empathic engagement is developing, and our understanding it has on the individual and their organisation is limited. This course will offer frontline workers, management and organisation a framework for addressing this issue and enhance workplace wellbeing.

This workshop:

a. Looks at vicarious trauma, its signs and symptoms, and reviews what research is saying to address its effects.
b. Will offer a framework for frontline workers, management and the organisation to address this issue. We will look to utilise existing work practices, adjusting others and reframing our practice to take on a post traumatic growth approach.
c. Encourages greater practice reflection and to expand on mindfulness, as a tool for addressing Vicarious Trauma.
d. Helps create healthier and more conscious work environments from which we can offer greater outcomes for the people we support.

Who should attend:

This training is for frontline staff or managers, experienced or new to the Human Service Sector, who are interested in learning about a different approach to dealing with the empathic attrition that results from their work. It also offers mangers a framework for supporting staff in a more mindful approach to dealing with the effects of vicarious trauma.