Personality Disorders

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Being diagnosed with a personality disorder (PD) can be a two-pronged diagnosis. On the one hand, a person may feel some relief to finally gain an understanding of their malaise. On the other hand, a diagnosis of a PD can be acutely stigmatising and demoralising. A PD diagnosis can signal that the mental health system has largely given up, that a person’s behaviour is too complex and erratic, and that medications are of little benefit.

Diagnostic frameworks for PD’s tend to reflect the extremes of symptomatic personality traits. But what if we look at personality from both a complex trauma and holistic systems frameworks. Then what appears to be extreme pathology can be seen as childhood and trauma coping responses. Now this behaviour begins to make sense. Containment of excess and the building of a mindful adult Self are the central tenants for PD growth and change.

This one-day training will provide participants with clear models of understanding and treating the complexity of personality disorders. The training will explore immediate and practical assessment and treatment skills, and it will demystify the complex – empowering participants to effectively work with clients who experience PDs.

All of the major personality disorders will be discussed including, borderline, narcissistic, anti-social and schizoid types.

This training is suitable for beginning or advanced counsellors/psychologists and professional mental health workers.

The material for this workshop will be presented in both a didactic (teaching), and experiential (pair and small group exercises and discussions) learning format.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • The history of personality and personality disorders
  • How to identify personality dynamics and personality disorders
  • The causal factors of nature and nurture in the development of the personality and personality disorders
  • The neurological and physiological structures and functions that underpin personality and personality disorders
  • Crisis management and intervention for personality disorders
  • Non pathology – Personality Disorders from holistic and systemic perspectives
  • The implicit use of Mindfulness for PD growth and recovery
  • The role of creative interventions in PD recovery work
  • How to utilise clear therapeutic boundaries and limits to ensure efficient client outcomes
  • How to maintain good self-care for the counsellor in PD work

Who should attend?

New to experienced counsellors/psychologists and mental health workers