Young People and Methamphetamine

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The use of methamphetamines among young people can be challenging for frontline workers. This course will assist those working alongside young people and their families and friends, to better understand methamphetamine use and the associated using culture. Young people who use methamphetamines are frequently marginalised as a result of the complexity of the issues they present with to service providers. Gain insights into how methamphetamine affects behaviour and its impact on mental health, and pick up tools to enact more effective support strategies and interventions.

The practical approach of this workshop will engage participants in conversations and skills development tasks that will build on best practice approaches for working with young people and their support networks. Exploring methamphetamine use from a young persons perspective has the potential for more effective engagement with them, particularly when they may feel that current service provision does not have the capacity to meet their needs.

This workshop is designed to educate participants on the subject of young people and methamphetamine use, with the following outcomes:

  • Increasing frontline worker understanding of how methamphetamine works on the body
  • Educating participants about current patterns of methamphetamine use by young people, the associated mental health issues and the culture of drug use
  • Assisting participants to understand how to work with young people affected by methamphetamine use and their families and friends (utilising specific strategies based on best practice approaches with young people)
  • Identifying key features of a service that will attract and retain young people experiencing issues with methamphetamines

Who should attend?

Alcohol and other drugs workers, youth workers and health care workers