Engage in Your Role - Love Your Work

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Statistics about employee engagement are very clear. The happier and more engaged we are at work, the higher the levels of job satisfaction, productivity and high quality task outputs. If we aren't engaged in our work the negative ripple effects can be felt across the whole organisation. This can result in less positive outcomes for our clients, as well as meaning that we don't enjoy our work.

Join us as we describe strategies to enjoy your role and become more invested in what you do every day, including changing your mindset, the power of thinking positively, really engaging in your team and thework you do, and making your role work for you as part of a key strategic move forward in your career.

This 90 minute session is the third session in the series How to Be an Engaged and Enthusiastic Employee and comes with pre-work, a workbook to use as we travel through the session and post-work in the form of reflective questions for participants to answer.