How to Be an Engaged and Enthusiastic Employee

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The past two years of lockdown have taken their toll on our mental wellbeing and our level of engagement with our work. Many people are reporting feeling burnt-out, and in other countries 'The Great Resignation' has seen people leave their workplaces in droves. Much of the responsibility for maintaining worker wellbeing and motivation rests with the employer, but there is also a lot that we can do as employees to make our time at work more productive and a healthier experience. This series has been designed to help those who would like to learn key practical tools, tips, and strategies to really engage in their roles in their organisation and ultimately, love their work. And happy employees are productive employees. Productive employees create successful organisations. There are 5 x90 minute sessions in this series and each session comes with pre-work, a workbook to use as we travel through the session and post-work in the form of reflective questions for participants to answer. Join us for one session or the whole series.