You, the Emotionally Intelligent Team Member

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Emotional Intelligence (EI)! Fact or fiction?

Emotional Intelligence has been around since the dawn of mankind, but we’ve never really understood what it means or how it works.

In this insightful workshop, we will teach you a little about the history of EI, what it means in our daily living, how it impacts us and others across all aspects of our lives and the competence it gives us to have meaningful social relationships around us.

In short, EI is not a ‘nice to have’ competence, but a ‘critical to have’ ability to manage our emotions well so that they work for us, not against us.

We will also discuss the 5 competencies in EI and how we individually rate against them so we can learn and assess how we currently use our emotions (positively or negatively) and ways to improve your EI moving forward