Does anybody ever listen to me – or to each other?

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Active listening is supposedly easy, but it is the hardest of all the interpersonal skills to master. And what a difference it makes when we do it well, particularly in our home and workplace relationships.

This thought-provoking online session provides valuable techniques and tips for developing effective listening skills that you can use in any situation – with children, family, work colleagues and partners.

You will learn about the five different types of listening, the importance of interpreting body language well, the challenges of active listening such as differing cultural interpretations, the role that status and power have in active listening, and listening with empathy when dealing with people who are struggling with life’s issues.

This session comes with pre-work, a workbook to use throughout the session, and post-work in the form of reflective questions for participants to answer and share with your teams if you choose.

Course testimonials:

  • A timely reminder about the concepts that we use/forget to use in communicating.