Life Story Work - Building on the Foundations

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Life Story Work can be a transformative process for children and even adults who have often experienced fragmented, traumatic and chaotic lives. Building on foundational skills of Life Story Work, this course will offer practitioners tips on planning and guiding multiple opportunities for those we are working with to develop compassionate self-understanding and establish a coherent sense of self identity. We will also consider how Life Story Work can be built into everyday casework and caring roles, as well as the use and benefits of structured Life Story Work sessions. We will explore the impacts of intergenerational trauma in shaping the life stories of those we work with and how we can provide opportunities to children and young people as well as their families of origin, to envisage turning the page to write new chapters in their family history.

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Identify and discuss Life Story Work concepts and practice in the current government
    policy environment;
  • Identify practice tools to assist in planning and guiding Life Story Work sessions
  • Consider strategies to safely explore and resolve painful memories in the Life Story Work
    process in collaboration with identified practitioners and carers
  • Discuss intergenerational trauma and the impacts this might have on life story work
  • Consider how life story work can often involve concurrent work with members of the family
    of origin, and at times, carers
  • Develop ways to involve and work with members of the family of origin and what
    opportunities for lifelong connections this can offer
  • Identify opportunities for recognise and teach ‘healing moments’ in the context of Life Story
    Work to the child or young person, members of their family of origin and their carers or
    residential care workers ** Who should attend?**

OOHC practitioners, caseworkers, residential care workers, team leaders, managers and carers who have previous experience in Life Story Work or have attended the Life Story Work Foundations workshop.