Talking with Kids about Tricky Topics

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Talking to kids about tricky topics is part of what workers and carers need to do. We need to explore ways of being truthful with kids at a level they can understand and in non-judgmental language. We also need to be mindful of teaching kids who they might talk with about these tricky topics, that they are not alone – there are other kids that go through this, and that whatever happened, it is not their fault. Often this is not a part of worker or carer training and we can find it hard to find the right words to say.

This course will present a range of tricky topics workers and carers may need to talk about with kids and will allow for modeling and practice in becoming more comfortable with these tricky conversations with experienced workers from the sector.

Workers and carers will receive a range of resources they can share with kids as appropriate.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creating safety when talking about tricky topics
  • Having a range of calming strategies to help the child before, during and after talking about tricky topics
  • Talking about tricky topics with workers, birth parents and carers so everyone gives a consistent message to the child
  • A range of tricky topics explored such as mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems, why kids are in care, domestic and family violence, why a parent may be in jail, why some adults hurt kids, in a culturally and age-appropriate way
  • Knowledge of and practice using a range of appropriate resources

Who should attend?

Workers and carers working with children impacted by traumatic life events