Partners in Care – Carers and Case Workers Stronger Together; Working with Adolescents

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The challenges of working with adolescents in Out of Home care are complex; caseworkers and carers alike may be unprepared for the demands and changing needs of 12 – 18 years olds and this can lead to relationship breakdowns between carers, caseworkers and the children and young people they care for.

In these critical years, young people face fear and uncertainty as they transition to adulthood, independence and ultimately leaving care. They are confronted with a changing identity and perhaps mixed feelings about being in care and contact with biological family. There may be confusion about what their future holds whilst the caseworker and carer debate decisions on behalf of 'what’s in the best interests of the child'.

‘Partners in Care’ takes a collaborative peer approach where case workers and carers share power and knowledge, pool their skills and redefine roles to negotiate a consistent approach in working with adolescents. Together you will develop a common shared language and discover a new way of connecting.

At this two day workshop you can expect to:

  • Explore the strengths and limitations of the caseworker and carer roles
  • Negotiate shared understandings and agreements to achieve consistency of approach
  • Learn about and apply tools and techniques to support opening up conversations with adolescents
  • Learn new skills and utilise tools that will equip you to help young people find their own voice and articulate meaningful goals
  • Assess where young people are at with their thinking and their goals
  • Be able to use the SMART goal framework (it is harder then it seems)
  • Engage and assess a young person’s motivation
  • Take away practical tools and resources to strengthen and enhance your practice

Who should attend?

Foster carers and case workers working with adolescents in the 12-18 year age group. Ideally each worker will attend with a carer to maximise the learning for this course.