Out-of-Home Care and Permanency Support Fundamentals

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This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the casework and legislative responsibilities of case workers in the out-of-home care (OOHC) sector.It provides a sound knowledge base for OOHC caseworker development.

Due to the transfer of OOHC to the NGO sector, OOHC case workers are being recruited in greater numbers and need to develop skills for OOHC case management.

OCG accreditation requires high levels of accountability in home-visiting and record-keeping which need to be maintained.

Knowledge of regulations and legislative requirements and being able to incorporate these into every day casework situations prepares OOHC case workers for meeting the needs of children and young people, leading to better permanency, educational and successful transition from care outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • OOHC caseworkers identify their own training needs and learning outcomes
  • Knowledge and application of OOHC Principles in s9 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 (the Act)
  • Knowledge and application of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Placement Principles s11-13 of the Act
  • Knowledge of placement options and their strengths and limitations
  • Knowledge of when and how to support children’s participation
  • Identify the range of roles involved in working with carers
  • Know and apply s149B-K of the Act in disclosing placement information
  • Identify key transitions in placement and identify strategies to address risks and opportunities
  • Assess purposes of contact for an individual child, and identify strategies to promote positive contact
  • Identify relevant health issues, and reasons and strategies in relation to monitoring children’s health in OOHC
  • Identify factors contributing to risk of poor educational outcomes for children in OOHC and strategies to promote positive outcomes
  • Recognise signs of placement instability and identify preventative strategies to reduce instability and strategies to address concerns
  • Describe strategies that can promote resilience
  • Identify components of an effective leaving care plan

Who should attend?

Case workers and team leaders who are new to the out-of-home care sector