Interviewing Children in the Context of Allegations of Reportable Conduct or Professional Misconduct against Employees

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Conducting investigative interviews with children when allegations have been made against staff about reportable conduct or professional misconduct.

Introduction to investigative interviewing practice:

  • The purpose and function of investigative interviews
  • The investigative interview framework
  • Child development and how it relates to interviewing practice
  • Planning for the investigative interview
  • Recording the interview: good practice standards
  • How to question children in a developmentally appropriate way
  • Cognitive interviewing techniques and conversation management tools
  • Managing the outcomes of the interview

This is a highly interactive and practical workshop that balances theory and interview practice that will increase staff’s confidence and competence to undertake investigative interviews.

This course will enable staff to undertake interviews in a more proficient way which will result in reducing the number of times a child may need to be interviewed.

Participants will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the interview with the child?
  • What are some of the planning issues I need to think about before I interview a child?
  • What are some of the child development issues I need to think about before I start the interview with a child?
  • Is there an interview structure I can follow when interviewing children?
  • How much detail do I need to gather during the interview?
  • What types of questions should I use when I’m gathering the detail?
  • What are some helpful things to say when closing the interview?

Who should attend?

All staff with responsibilities to interview children when allegations of reportable conduct or professional misconduct have been made against employees