Beyond Developmental Trauma – What We Know about Changing Brains and Changing Outcomes for Children and Young Adults

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Please note: In order to participate in this workshop participants must have prior knowledge in neurodevelopmental impact of trauma.

Beyond Developmental Trauma provides a comprehensive understanding of trauma informed neurodevelopmental and attachment theory and how to apply this theory into practice. In this two day course, participants will look at intervention strategies that target, or are linked to different neurological systems, and learn how to embed these strategies into a reparative care environment through individual case planning and connection.

Day 1 participants will look at neurodevelopmentally informed assessment, demonstrating the linkages between developmental trauma, specific neurological systems, and subsequent areas of developmental loss, and the development of individualised strategies that target areas for growth and development, and utilise existing strengths that the child or young person may have.

Day 2, we will explore practice frameworks that require an understanding of trauma informed neurodevelopmental theory, including the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutic NMT Intervention, the Sanctuary Model, Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency framework (ARC), Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and the Circle of Courage (Response Ability Pathways). These will be explored in depth matched to the attending participants needs.

Who should attend?

Experienced case workers and managers working in OOHC or working with children and young people and families with complex needs who have prior knowledge in the neurodevelopmental impact of trauma