Accidental Trainer

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Do you need to communicate with other agencies about the model of practice that your service is implementing? Do you need to engage them with the underlying rationale and evidence? Do you want to pass on some specific ‘lessons learnt’ from your experience in an area of practice? Are you sometimes asked to provide talks to community groups? Sometimes leaders and practitioners are asked to provide training because others know of their expertise and the wealth of experience in the service, but they wouldn’t describe themselves as trainers.

This workshop is for practitioners who want to be more effective in passing on their knowledge and experience. Your purpose might be to introduce some new ideas to people, to stimulate them to consider a new approach, and to prompt them to make changes.

  • So how do we turn our experience into a talk?
  • How do we decide what to cover and what might be most relevant to different participants?
  • What approach can we take to create more impact?

The workshop will assist you to understand more about effective learning strategies and to plan ways to pass on your knowledge and skills. We will consider a range of learning methods and design learning pathways that can support people to build up their knowledge and skills.

Who should attend?

Managers, professional leaders, team leaders, coordinators