Managing WHS and Other Workplace Risks (Distance Delivery)

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51918.

Please note: This course is only available via credit card payment at the time of registration. Students will receive a self paced learning guide and assessment booklet and can access support through the CCWT team.

Work Health and Safety is an area of work in which myths abound. WHS concerns can be used to justify decisions about activities, without necessarily having gained an understanding of the legislation. It is a case of “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. As a manager you are often required to balance WHS concerns with operational and financial concerns and decision-making.

Yet managing risk in the workplace is wider than WHS considerations. In this package you are introduced to the basic concepts and practices of other risk areas that may need to be managed so that your targets and objectives can be achieved.

This distance package provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of managers in risk management in general, with a focus on work health and safety in particular, by looking at relevant legislation, common practices, record keeping and the importance of consultation and teamwork.