Making the Most of Your Training Investment

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While training is a vital part of ensuring your workforce is engaged, capable and confident, it comes at a cost and in our resourced-constrained environment we need to ensure we maximise the value of training. Two critical elements are the "bookends" to the training activity – planning and embedding. CCWT is offering two free webinars to help you get these elements right, so you get the most from your training investment.

Webinar 1: Where do I focus my training resources?

This webinar will introduce you to:

  • a structured process for ongoing identification of team training needs from a range of sources of "intelligence" within your organisation
  • mapping training needs across the organisation to reflect priority
  • exploring government subsidies and incentives for upskilling staff in creative ways
  • models of delivering training
  • when training may not be the answer to a skills gap.

Webinar 2: Making Learning Stick

We have all experienced this – You find the perfect workshop that covers something you really want to work on with your team. You attend the workshop and return to work with new enthusiasm and full of ideas! One month later, work pressures have meant that there hasn't been time to put the new ideas into action. Three months later it is as if the workshop never happened.

There are plenty of reasons why it can be challenging to implement new learning into our work routines. The focus of this webinar is on identifying practical strategies to use before, during and after a staff member attends a training event.

We hope that both webinars will be interactive, with opportunity to share your experience and knowledge. As free webinars, they are sure to be a good investment of your time.