Managing Counter-Productive Workplace Behaviours

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The range of possible counterproductive workplace behaviours will be described including: gossip; bullying and harassment; absenteeism and being at work and not working. Ways of preventing and reducing these behaviours will also be discussed as well as how to most effectively respond to them once they do occur.

The relationship between the Big 5 Personality Factors (Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Introversion-Extraversion, Emotionality; Openness to Experience) and counterproductive workplace behaviour will be explored. Being aware of this relationship is helpful in understanding and responding to these types of behaviour. Effectively using an understanding of the Big 5 personality factors in staff recruitment and retention will be explained. How to recognise staff who may be vulnerable and implement useful support strategies will also be described.

Participants will also increase confidence and skills to facilitate difficult performance conversations.

At the end of the workshop the participants will:

  • Be able to describe factors in the workplace that contribute to counterproductive workplace behaviour
  • Have extended their knowledge of simple, effective strategies to prevent common counterproductive workplace behaviours and have increased their understanding of how to effectively respond to these behaviours when they do occur
  • Have developed their understanding of the Big 5 Personality Factors and their influence on counterproductive workplace behaviour
  • Be better able to identify vulnerable staff and have a greater understanding of how to support those staff
  • Have a developed appreciation of how understanding the Big 5 Personality Factors may be helpful in the staff recruitment and retention process
  • Develop confidence and skills to facilitate difficult performance conversations

Who should attend?

This workshop is principally aimed at managers, supervisors and team leaders, but will be useful to anyone who wants to extend their understanding of others and of themselves.