Online Supervision: Issues and Strategies

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This workshop is for managers, program coordinators, practice leaders and team leaders who are providing supervision on-line. We will explore some of the issues that you can come across in the online space and look at a range of strategies and resources that could be useful.

On day 1 we will look at specific challenges in establishing the supervisory relationship online, identify ‘good’ online supervision, and consider the skills that are different to face-to-face supervision. We will review different platforms and their suitability. We emphasise ways of planning and contracting online, and the central importance of forming a space of trust in the online environment.

On day 2 we look at communication challenges that can arise when providing supervision online. We have found that there are particular ways of conveying professional authority online and holding the virtual space. We will discuss what can go wrong and solutions to address these difficulties. We explore issues such as: • tensions that can arise in the online space • missing the person – why is that a greater risk in online supervision? • miscommunication due to the online space • online disinhibition. We draw on Brene Brown’s work on trust, Simon Sinek’s work around leadership, and a format for solution focused questions. You may wish to try out a new approach or new skills and get feedback from Judi & Renee or you may wish to address an issue such as managing the differences between line management, clinical (case) based supervision and supportive supervision or providing feedback online. You will plan this with us at the end of day 2, based on your development goals.

On day 3 we provide an opportunity for you to gain some input through coaching/ reflection sessions around your goals. This is an opportunity for you to improve your supervision skills as a coach, mentor or leader through a coaching discussion. There is an opportunity to gain 360-degree feedback. Through this workshop you will have the opportunity to: • Identify the features of effective online supervision • Explore strategies that can address issues that can arise in providing supervision online • Review a range of resources and tools • Utilise a range of coaching and reflection approaches.