The ‘Empowering Women to Thrive’ Series

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The ‘Empowering Women to Thrive’ Series

You may be in an executive role, you may be a caseworker or in an administrative position.

Whatever your job is, this interactive and thought-provoking Series is aimed at you – a woman in business working her way through a challenging world.

If you don’t think it’s applicable to you, it may be to other women with whom you work. 

Research has shown us that many women struggle with 3 issues across all aspects of their life  at work, in the community and often in relationships at home.

1)      Self-doubt – at times she may not think she is good enough, capable enough or competent enough.  The negative self-talk rules

2)      She struggles to back herself – or is afraid to put her point across in case it may sound silly or make her feel stupid

3)      Low self-confidence – if she has the two above-mentioned challenges, chances are that her self-confidence is corroded too

Then there’s the Imposter Syndrome – an exhausting  situation where you doubt your abilities and often feel like a fraud.  Interestingly, it is often disproportionately felt by highly achieving people who struggle to believe they can confidently perform their role.

If you struggle with any of these situations, this interactive online Program is for you. And any other woman with whom you work or live.

What this Series offers you

(Or any other female whom you feel would benefit)

A deep dive into the issue of female empowerment and how to get it in our ever-changing world

These are the interactive, thought-provoking topics we will cover:

Topic 1: Professional and Personal Empowerment for me as a Women: recognising the benefits empowerment can bring to my work and life.

Topic 2: Confidence boosting:  strategies and techniques to help you grow in confidence over time

Topic 3: Personal Branding:  In our fast-paced world, we need to look at our personal brand and work out whether it works for us or not and what we can do to constantly put our best self forward

Topic 4: Managing your Stress and Increasing your Resilience – Modern day stress and pressure is here to stay, and it depends on how you perceive things around you and how you recover from adversities which defines how resilient you are and how well you handle daily life

Topic 5: Learning how to be Assertive as a modern-day Woman – skills and techniques to help you calmly stand your ground, regardless of the situation or person with whom you are dealing

Topic 6: Bullseye:  Shooting for the Stars – Research tells us that those women who have clearly defined SMART goals and live according to them, tend to be more successful and satisfied in life.  How about you?’

How it works

o   Each topic is 90 minutes online 
Each topic comes with prework, a workbook and questions to answer after the session (a mini-training program)

o   Each topic is interactive and facilitated so discussion is encouraged to achieve maximum outcomes

So, join us.  This Program is run across all sectors and internationally, in Fiji and is designed to help all women everywhere, regardless of their role or where they sit in an Organisation.