Leading with Impact Series

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Without doubt, it’s been a tough time. Unknown. Uncertainty has been the order of the day. Confusion is what many feel. A changing world brings with it difficulties, but also huge opportunities if we choose to see it like that. We’re working with Leaders and teams to help get them through all types of challenges, including recovering from COVID-19.

To facilitate this we have been running real-time webinars to help leaders grab tips and strategies to help their teams move forward, addressing stress and building resilience along the way. You choose how many you want to run for your leaders, although we build a common theme of resilience, endurance and strategy setting as we move through the 5.

Our Vision is to help you and your Team deal with the most pressing problems you may have in the most effective way.

The five online training sessions included in this dynamic series are:

  • Keep your cool! Never miss a beat as an exemplary leader coming out of a crisis
  • Virtual reality: How to build and manage successful virtual teams
  • From crisis to growth: Leading your troops forward in challenging times
  • 10 essential communication skills that world class leaders possess. Do you?
  • Online Business Coaching – your chance to ask questions