The Power of Positive Discipline in the Workplace

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When you manage or lead, the productivity and quality of the work outputs of your people is your responsibility. That’s one of the key things you, as a leader, are paid to do. And a major source of productivity and highly performing organisations is employee satisfaction. Those who enjoy their job and want to be there. To do their best. Because they care.

That’s when your role as a leader is easy – or easier.

Then we have the under-performers. People who don’t regularly finish their tasks or do things well and generally cause a headache for team members – and their leaders.

Even more problematic is when some team members are erratic in their performance – sometimes they’re on ‘their game’ and at other times, don’t appear to know what the game is!

Worse still are those people who pretend to do the work by getting others to do it - and take the credit.

In this insightful session, we will look at various issues around positive discipline, including the critical role of communicating clearly with your troops, why coaching as a leader is essential in modern-day organisations, dealing with mediocrity and strategies to continuously move towards high performance.