Working Therapeutically With Children and Young People

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

In order to understand and practice new interventions, tools and theories, this course differentiates itself as a mainly practical workshop, as opposed to entirely theoretical.

The course covers:

  • Therapeutic interventions with children and young people.
  • The course will provide information and practice opportunities on a range of skills and interventions.
  • It aims to cover a range of theories, interventions and skills needed to work with children and young people. The course covers working with children within family contexts, individual focused therapy and group therapy.
  • The workshop aims to help clinicians hone their skills and develop new skills through the course of the day.

Learning outcomes:

  • Working therapeutically with young children and adolescents
  • Working therapeutically with children in groups
  • Working from a developmental framework
  • Setting up rapport, confidentiality and therapy processes with young people

Who should attend?

Clinicians/social workers/occupational therapists/counsellors/psychologists working with children and young people or those whom want to begin working with children and young people. Clinicians hoping to adjust or refine their practice as well as clinicians attempting to move into work with children and young people.